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I am extremely satisfied with the services provided by this firm and would highly recommend them to anyone in need of legal assistance. The team demonstrated exceptional skills and expertise, handling my case with a high degree of professionalism and persistence. From the beginning, their communication was clear and kind.
Their analysis of my legal problems was detailed and insightful, and they crafted a strategy that was both effective and well thought out. Throughout the process, their attention to detail was impeccable, and they left no stone unturned in presenting my case. Even when faced with unusual or difficult aspects, they navigated through them with confidence and competence. Overall, their dedication and support made a challenging time much easier to manage. I am grateful for their hard work and the successful outcome they achieved on my behalf.

— Julio Cesar Ramirez Vidal, June 2024

I highly recommend Kinslor Prince Lawyers for any immigration representation you might need. No matter how simple or complicated your case might be, this firm can handle your circumstances and will give you the best chance at a successful outcome. Most recently, they handled my application for citizenship, and with the staff’s expert guidance, it was a smooth process. Whilst the entire crew are more than competent to meet most needs, I highly recommend Alasdair Dougall. He has represented me during some complex times and whilst he never made any guarantees, he put me in the position for a positive outcome. He responds quickly and clearly to all your questions. He will be honest with you and let you know when you are going down the wrong track. Alasdair is a superb advocate.

— Dr Albert A. Valadez, June 2024

Kinslor Prince Lawyers sets a standard for talent and professionalism that all legal firms should aspire to. At every step they were clear, courteous, and thorough, and I felt confident my case was in the most capable hands. I am a permanent resident today thanks to Joanne’s exceptional knowledge, patience, and ability. Her expertise made a stressful process feel effortless. I am deeply grateful for her and her team’s work, and recommend Kinslor Prince Lawyers unreservedly.

— Fernando Borretti Leon. June 2024

Having now used KPL to assist with the Sponsorship application for our Business, Facilinet Building Maintenance, and then the subsequent applications of two individuals in our team; I am happy to provide a strong recommendation to others with regards to KPL’s services.

Donald Chen specifically, worked with me on the entire process, he made it straight-forward, clear what needed to be done, and was extremely helpful at every step of the process. From the very beginning Donald was able to clearly articulate our strategy, in layman terms, making what could have been a frustrating process quite simple. He also provided a useful checklist of items for our business to follow, to ensure nothing was missed and that we knew where we were up to at all stages.

Further to the required steps, Donald proactively assisted above and beyond my expectations providing insights and tweaks where appropriate to make sure that our applications were likely to be received favorably.

Under Donald’s guidance, all applications were successfully approved and we are very satisfied with KPL’s work.

— Facilinet Building Maintenance - Jeremy Ryan, April 2024

It was so relieving securing the services of Kinslor Prince Lawyers for my protection visa needs. In particular, they took a hands-on approach to the case, and with enthusiasm, delivered an outstanding outcome every step of the way. I am completely satisfied with their professionalism, knowledge of the subject matter, and their services, and I strongly recommend their passionate and brilliant work.

— Enock Nsenga, April 2024

I have been a client of Kinslor and Prince Lawyers since 2017. My situation was not easy due to a previous record and court hearings. However, every visa application and later the citizenship application were successful. The experienced team at KPL helped to receive the desired outcome without the need for appeal due to refusal or cancellation.
I’d like to express a special thank you to Donald Chen who was handling my citizenship application and my partner visa (802/801). Despite many challenges that we had with the assessment processes including VACCU assessment for my Partner Visa, Donald represented my case managing all requested documentation from the Department so I received my Permanent residency the same day I received my 820 partner visa. It was extremely stressful time for me when I was losing my hope and my patience, however, Donald helped with providing me peace of mind keeping me in the loop of the application progression and responding in a timely manner.
I lodged the citizenship application by myself but after a consultation with Donald where he gave me a detailed plan of Do’s and Don’t‘s for the application and checklist of what needs to be done. After some time i’ve been contacted for further information regarding my case. I immediately got in touch with Donald. Again, he took my case and handled all the challenges associated with my “Request for Further Information”. Soon after I recieved my Approval!
I’d like to thank the team at KPL for exceptional outcome that they have been delivering during my immigration journey for over 7 years. I wouldn’t receive such an outcome without Donald managing my case and David Prince handling my post study visa in 2017 and supporting my consequences visa cases managed by Donald.
I highly recommend the team at KPL especially Donald and David to handle any complex and challenging cases related to visas, citizenship and other immigration purposes.

— Angelina Shlygina, April 2024

My visa issues were complex and I knew I needed a highly qualified migration law expert to deal with the issues I had. After numerous internet researches and cross referencing with information available on Law Society website, I chose Kinslor Prince Lawyers. I am glad I made this decision. Kinslor Prince Lawyers have helped me with my immigration law issues and I have received an outstanding outcome. I highly recommend Kinslor Prince Lawyers to anyone who requires an excellent immigration advose.

— Bo Pang, April 2024

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Alasdair Dougall, Donald Chen and the
whole team at Kinslor Prince Lawyers for taking on my difficult visa situation. If it wasn’t
for their expertise and professional help, I would have not received such a successful
outcome with my sponsorship visa.

I was first recommended of Alasdair Dougall by my colleague who had an excellent
experience with her immigration application. I already had applied for my sponsorship
with a different immigration lawyer, but I required urgent guidance to prepare for my
tribunal process of appeals and needed the best representation to present my case in a
short period of time. I have reached out to see if Alasdair and his team would have any
advice or possibly be able to take over my case from my previous lawyers.

From the first meeting I had with Alasdair and receiving his consultation, I was
extremely emotional due to a huge relief of knowing I will be in wonderful hands. He was
deeply compassionate about my visa situation, provided me with unlimited guidance
and reassured me that my case was something we can overcome. Me being a foreigner
in this county, I felt like for the first time I had support on my side and was lucky enough
to have such a expertise who I could truly trust and who had my best interest at heart.

From the moment my company and I asked for Alasdair’s service, we were blown away
on how promptly each email and phone calls were answered along with his deep
knowledge of the government law. While I was waiting for my tribunal case, there were
some changes made in the immigration law and Alasdair was informing us each step of
the way to ensure us what to expect and guided us through each action we needed to
take. There were never questions unanswered, so each time we received his clear
directions in document preparations, we felt more at ease.

All thanks to Alasdair and the support of everyone at Kinslor Prince Lawyers, my case
was overturned by the Tribunal recently and this would have not been possible if it
wasn’t for these wonderful, dedicated intelligent lawyers. I am forever grateful and I
would highly recommend this firm to anyone who is looking for the best representation.
No doubt, you will be in excellent hands.

— Kumi Jono, April 2024

Alasdair has been one of the most competent lawyers I’ve had the fortune of dealing with. He guided me all the way through and explained all the details in great detail. I also had the pleasure of working with Donald briefly when the my case was about to go to trial. They had very up to date and accurate knowledge and they take their work very seriously. I wish I didn’t have the misfortune of needing Alasdair and Kinslor Lawyers but I am very happy that I had their expertise and knowledge to successfully win my case,

— Nael Mustafa, March 2024

A fantastic and professional team, highly recommended.

— Michelle Yang, March 2024

I would place Kinslor Prince Lawyers in the top 10 in Australia. They helped me with two complex immigration matters. One was related to visa for my widowed father, and the other was the Prospective Marriage Visa for my fiancee. Both these immigration matters were critical for my future as failure in either would have meant my Australian dream would be over. I would have to leave Australia, which would bring my career and hopes for the future to an end. It was with much luck that I got introduced to Joanne Kinslor and Alasdair Dougall through another lawyer. My experience with them was very reassuring and professional. Joanne and Alasdair allow you to do as much work you want to do yourself, or as much work you want them to do on your behalf. They guide you through every step of the process. Their knowledge of the legal aspects and processes in immigration applications is second to none. I was feeling secure that even if my father’s or fiancee’s case were rejected in the first instance then I still had avenues for appeal through Kinslor Prince Lawyers. Fortunately, the outcomes in both cases were favourable and both got the visa. There were hardly any requests for further information from the immigration department as the original applications were very thorough and left no gaps. I would highly recommend Kinslor Prince Lawyers to everyone and wish you success in your immigration journey.

— Tejpal Singh, February 2024

I heard Kinslor Prince Lawyers from word of mouth, it is quite reputable with expertise in immigration law. Particularly thanks to Alasdair and Joanne for helping deal with the case.

Through the cooperation with Kinslor, I can feel that it is a firm with social responsibility and stands on behalf of customers.

I strongly recommend Kinslor’s service and professionalism.

— Tiffany Y, January 2024

I feel lucky I could find KPL to look after my case. Especially I would like to thanks for Alasdair, quick response and very responsible and very professional. I’m really grateful!

— Jing Yang, October 2023

I am writing this letter to express my utmost satisfaction and provide a strong recommendation for Kinslor Prince Lawyers based on the exceptional services they provided during my partner visa case. I would also like to give a special shout-out to Alasdair Dougall for his invaluable support and expertise throughout the entire process.

From the moment I engaged with Kinslor Prince Lawyers, I was impressed by their professionalism, skills, and commitment to achieving the best possible outcome for their clients. Alasdair Dougall, in particular, demonstrated a deep understanding of immigration law, specifically in partner visa cases, and his expertise was instrumental in guiding me through the complexities of the process.

One of the standout qualities of Kinslor Prince Lawyers is their excellent communication. Alasdair and David Prince ensured that I was well-informed at every stage, patiently explaining the issues involved in my case and answering all my questions. His ability to convey complex legal concepts in a clear and understandable manner was truly impressive, providing me with the confidence to make informed decisions.

The firm’s meticulous attention to detail was evident throughout the entire process. From the thorough analysis of my legal problems to the development of a well-structured strategy, Kinslor Prince Lawyers left no stone unturned in ensuring that my case was approached with utmost care and precision. They meticulously prepared all necessary documentation and ensured that everything was accurately completed and submitted on time.

I greatly appreciated the firm’s persistence and dedication to my case. Alasdair and David unwavering support and guidance reassured me during challenging moments, and his strategic thinking and adaptability were evident in overcoming any obstacles that arose. Their commitment to my best interests was evident at every step, and I am grateful for his unwavering advocacy.

Notably, the way Kinslor Prince Lawyers presented my case was exemplary. Their ability to build a strong and persuasive argument, effectively presenting the evidence and supporting documentation, truly showcased their expertise. Their attention to detail and ability to highlight the most relevant aspects of my case played a significant role in achieving a positive outcome.

In conclusion, I wholeheartedly recommend Kinslor Prince Lawyers to anyone in need of legal assistance. Their professionalism, skills, expertise, and exceptional service are unparalleled. I am grateful for the positive experience I had with the firm and would not hesitate to engage their services again in the future.

Thank you once again to the entire team at Kinslor Prince Lawyers, and a special thank you to Alasdair Dougall, for their outstanding support and excellent job in handling my partner visa case. Your dedication and expertise made a significant difference in my life, and I am forever grateful.

— Kamilla Melo Tonhá, July 2023

I am writing this as l just want to say thank you so much to Joanne Kinslor and David
Brooks. I am extremely grateful for all of your tireless efforts in helping me with my Partner
Visa process. Your knowledge and expertise were invaluable in helping me. Your hard work is
much appreciated. I could not have achieved my Permanent Residency without you. Kinslor
Prince Lawyers you made our dream come true. May you all be blessed.

Highly recommended…

— Catalina Haynes, May 2023

My wife and I could not recommend Kinslor Prince Lawyers highly enough. When we first met with Joanne Kinslor for a consultation in 2020, she was clear, concise and highly knowledgeable in giving authentic and detailed advice about my visa situation. We then went on to work with both Joanne Kinslor and David Brooks for my Prospective Marriage Visa and my Partner Visa. The entire process has been smooth, clear, and professional. Both Joanne Kinslor and David Brooks show tremendous attention to detail and have the highest level of expertise in dealing with the ever changing nature of immigration. They have picked up on things we would have never known about had we done this visa process ourselves. They are honest, down to earth, fantastic communicators, and genuinely care about their clients and their situations. Looking back on our long visa process, my wife and I would not have changed a thing about consulting and working with Kinslor Prince Lawyers. We believe that engaging lawyers such as Joanne and David is well worth it, for we have eliminated a great deal of stress and time in not having to tackle visa applications on our own. We continue to recommend them to everyone who we speak to with regard to immigration matters. We are so incredibly thankful to Joanne and David for their help over the last few years. My wife and I are now finally living life as a married couple, and we continue to be grateful for their ongoing support for us in our Partner Visa journey.

— Arjun Badi, May 2023

Our sincere thanks to Joanne. She was so calm, clear and most importantly super helpful in her guidance and advice. It was a pleasure speaking to her.

— John Hagon, December 2022

I’m very grateful to David Prince and Donald Chen for their assistance during the protracted process. After my self-applied permanent residency visa was denied, I recall having an initial meeting with David Prince in 2019. I was devastated and lost so I consulted several lawyers to get a grasp of the reality. David Prince painstakingly reviewed my files, assessed my predicament, and provided a well-thought-out plan. David Prince is very intelligent, articulate, and compassionate. David was a huge help with the planning. Clear questions and gaps were identified, emails were promptly answered, and masses of paperwork were meticulously organised. Due to David & Donald’s excellent communication skills and professionalism, I was able to remain composed and confident throughout the whole process. I followed David’s instructions perfectly and worked hard to win the case from AAT. Finally, we won the case after putting in so much work. Special thanks to David & Donald’s outstanding and brilliant work. Once more, I can’t convey how grateful I am for David Prince and Donald’s outstanding job.

— Hafiz Rizwan, November 2022

I cannot recommend this firm enough. My situation when I first started working with Kinslor Prince Lawyers was pretty messy and I was on the verge of being kicked out of Australia through no fault of my own. They learned all the ins and outs of my case and immigration history, came up with a plan, and executed it perfectly which has allowed me to stay in the country that I have now been calling home for 11 years. They always respond quickly to my questions with lots of detail and have always honoured any deadlines that have been set. They simply know so much about the immigration processes that I could never comprehend through personal research and their expertise is the only reason I am still here. If you are looking for assistance with your visa, then look no further.

— Stephen Rawls, November 2022

The Kinslor Prince Law firm came highly recommended by multiple solicitors in my area. I had an incredibly complicated case that involved the rejection of a visa and family violence. When I hired KPL, I was already in the tribunal process of appeals and needed the absolute best representation to present my case. Alasdair and David, along with the rest of the KPL staff, did not disappoint and exceeded their already impeccable reputation. They took a highly complex narrative and made it digestible for an outside evaluator. Plus, they conducted simulations of what the hearing day would look like and the type of questions I might be required to address. There are many reasons why we were successful, but if I only had two words to describe my KPL solicitors, they would be STRATEGIC SPECIALISTS. The KPL team are expert in case design, presentation and strategising the best way to present a story. I am confident that KPL will meet and exceed all expectations.

— Albert A. Valadez PhD, November 2022

The level of service, customer care, and the results that Joanne & David got were of the absolute highest level. What had been a very, very stressful, long-winded, and difficult procedure up until I enlisted their help instantly became almost stress free and was all wrapped up before too long thereafter.
I have seen a lot of legal emails and without doubt or exaggeration the correspondence from Kinslor Prince Lawyers were the pinnacle of its craft. Their work, and service is truly exceptional, and we are forever indebted.

— Andrew Thunder, September 2022

I highly recommend Kinslor Prince Lawyers, specially thanks David Brooks. He is very professional, patient, precise and efficient in the whole process. He solved my concerns perfectly. I do not think my case is easy to solve, but David tell me what to do every step of the way very methodically , I trust him a lot in the whole process. This is a very trustworthy law firm and a professional team of lawyers.

— Youming Liu, July 2022

I was recommended Joanne Kinslor of Kinslor Prince Lawyers by my family law lawyer. From my first meeting with Joanne, I felt that she and her firm had an excelled understanding of the current Australian requirements to apply for and receive a partner visa.
The preparation of the supporting documentation was meticulously managed. The editing and review of presented documentation was excellent and very timely allowing us to finalise these documents with confidence that we had carefully covered all requirements.
Joanne Kinslor and Donald Chen’s strategy and analysis of the then current position of the Immigration department was very accurate and proved to be right on point. A most professional approach and I cannot stress enough how thankful we are to Kinslor Prince Lawyers for our excellent result.

— Peter Klein, July 2021

I can’t thank Joanne and David Brooks enough for their help during the long process. I remember back in 2017 I had an initial consultation with Joanne after my self-applied visa was refused. I was devastated and lost so I consulted several lawyers to get a grasp of the reality. Joanne patiently looked through my documents, analysed my situation and offered a well-thought-out strategy. Joanne is very smart, articulate and empathetic. David was extremely helpful with the preparation. Doubts and gaps were raised clearly, emails were replied to quickly, and mountains of documents were organised perfectly. Joanne and David’s communication skills made complicated matters easy to understand and their professionalism helped me stay calm and confident throughout the interview. Again, words aren’t enough to express my gratitude for Joanne and David’s extraordinary work.

— Ya-wen Shih, August 2020

The first time I met Joanne and David, they were more than clear to me, obviously law is a profession of ways, not results, however, from my first meeting I was aware of all the possibilities could happen with my situation and even when I knew I would be putting too much at risk, there was something in Joanne and David that gave me that peace of mind and encouraged me to keep going.
I am so grateful to Joanne and David Brooks. I still do not have enough words to express my gratitude. I could not achieve my permanent residence without you. When you stuck with the best, you get the best possible outcome.

— Juan Camilo Montoya Albarracin, July 2020

Our daughter recently had her permanent residence visa cancelled and, after researching the best way to appeal this decision, we were recommended to approach Kinslor Prince Lawyers. We were immediately impressed by the professional manner in which the preliminary contact was dealt with by the firm, with a clear outline of the practical situation and the manner in which the appeal should be dealt with.
We do not hesitate to recommend Kinslor Prince Lawyers in dealing with immigration matters. The efficient manner in which our case was dealt with by the firm leaves no doubt that, in cases where there is a sound basis for a positive outcome, Kinslor Prince Lawyers is well placed to obtain this.

— Pieter van Wijngaarden, August 2020

We arrived at Kinslor Prince Lawyers on the recommendation of a top immigration law barrister with quite a complicated immigration case. Due to the nature of our case, we had already spent much money and time on trying to find a solution and were at a very unhappy impasse. We had received divided opinions from a previous immigration agent and an unsuccessful waiver application from a specialist immigration solicitor.
Our first meeting with David Prince gave us the reassurance that we were finally at the right place. He has a unique ability to see into a problem and think ‘out of the box’ for a solution. He was always quietly confident that he could help us and his knowledge of the law, the DOBP process and his lateral thinking formalised a strategy that resonated with us personally. Between David and his associate Donald Chen, we received the most meticulously crafted strategy. Every step was outlined with perfect attention to detail and on by one, the obstacles fell away and within a year, we had a very successful outcome. We are a happy settles family today. Kinslor Prince were highly professional but most importantly, we felt that they cared. I can’t recommend Kinslor Prince highly enough.

— Nicola Gilfillan and Ian Forsyth, July 2019

Firstly, I would like to say thank you to Kinslor Prince Lawyers for their professional work! If you are looking for a great immigration lawyer – please, look no further! David Prince is the most professional and knowledgeable lawyer in practice. Not only he is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in the immigration field – he is attentive and dedicated, and will treat your case/problem as his own. David and his staff are always available via email or phone, answers all questions in details, and during meetings – they are always prepared and will spend extra time with you. I am very glad I chose David Prince as my lawyer and highly recommend to use his services if you need help in your immigration process.

— Andrei Mirzac, April 2019

It was really a wonderful experience to deal with Mr David Prince. I am truly satisfied with his professionalism and integrity. My immigration matter was highly complicated but his expert approach, attention to detail and in-depth practical knowledge of Australian migration law made it so smooth and perfect that it was finalised by immigration department much earlier than average processing time of similar applications. I strongly recommend Kinslor Prince Lawyers for an affordable, result-oriented and tailored service delivery.

— Shoaib Ishfaq, March 2019

Mr David Prince and his team at Kinslor Prince Lawyer have been very professional since the beginning. From our first consultation Mr Prince has been nothing but honest with us. He provided us with factual opinions, realistic expectations, and clear directions which made the whole process very simple to follow. Mr Prince understood our needs and sympathized with our situation which was very important to us. His paralegal team has been very patient with our case, especially at times when things were tough. Their attention to detail meant our case was well presented. Mr Prince and his team exceeded our expectations and changed our lives; our family was able to reunite 5 months ahead of schedule due to their excellent work. We would like to thank everyone at Kinslor Prince Lawyers for their hard work.

— Wendy Han, November 2018

It always gives me great pleasure to be able to write about my experience with Kinslor Prince Lawyers.
Back in 2013, with a seemingly impossible situation to resolve, I approached a well respected lawyer in Sydney. She listened carefully and concluded with absolute certainty … “you need David Prince!”. I took her guidance, thank god, and here we are in in 2017 having been through every obstacle that was put in our path. David and his team are the lawyers that other lawyers refer people to. There cant be a higher compliment than your peers sending people to you. In other words, when you need the best, you need David Prince. With David, you’ll get exactly what you need. A carefully, highly considered approach, and strategies that only some at the top of their profession would know about or know how to execute. Arguably the most important thing you will get is honesty. How refreshing is it for someone to cut though the confusion with honest so that you know exactly where you stand, even if you’re hiding a bit from the reality, you will still be given the truth and the fact whatever they may be, because of David’s high integrity.

— Andrew Berry, July 2017

I recommend Kinslor Prince Lawyers for their excellent work and service in our struggle to obtain my mother, an elderly women of 94 years of age, a medicals treatment visa to live out her days in Australia. Despite the frustration and heartache, our efforts were continuous and our persistence with Kinslor Prince Lawyers finally paid off. We fought together for a cause we believed as just, and due to the efforts of all parties, in particular Joanne Kinslor our dream of obtaining habitancy for my mother in Australia was made a reality. Thank you Joanne for your honesty, professionalism, and work ethic. We are very grateful and you will always be in my thoughts.

— Maria Dolores Alquezar, May 2017

I am writing this just want to say thank you soooo much to Joanne Kinslor and your professioal team. My case has been the most complicated one which many of the other immigration agents dare not to touch. and one of the agent has referred your company to me. and that’s the best decision I made to engage Joanne be my lawyer and end up today, it’s a life changing result and I got my PR – your company did an impossible mission! Thank you so much Kinslor Prince Lawyers!

— Danielle Guo, May 2017

I strongly recommend Kinslor Prince Lawyers because they delivered the results I needed. Mr David Prince was truly professional. He was very calculated. He had approached the case from the start with a strategy and steered my appeal to a success. The complexities of my case made it one that is not of standard nature; the demands of which would require the legal aid of someone with the knowledge and experience like Mr David Prince and his associate Mr David Brooks. Communication was always prompt. I am happy with the result of the AAT and I have managed to get my PR visa finally.

— Leonard Lim, January 2017

I just want to thank you again for the wonderful advice that you provided that day – although it was only 1 hour, it was the best $400 I have ever spent and has only totally changed my life.
Thank you again!

— Laurel Grey, September 2016

In our experience, David has been professional, extremely knowledgeable, providing good and clear advice with simple explanations (good for us lay people). The fact that we are based in Western Australia and David in Sydney did not matter at all. Importantly, David has been helpful taking our personal circumstances into account and has been an absolute pleasure to deal with. As far as we are concerned, and regardless of the good results achieved in our case, David and Kinslor Prince Lawyers come highly recommended.

— Jorgen Schouten, April 2016

Joanne Kinslor and the team at Kinslor Prince Lawyers were able to take a very difficult set of facts and circumstances then present it to the Tribunal in a way that highlighted the strengths of our case and explained the weaknesses of it in a positive manner. The whole process was handed extremely professionally and the respect the firm has with the Department and the Tribunal was very reassuring. The hard work, time, and effort they put into our matter was great. We were always able to get through to someone who could answer our questions and reassure us when things weren’t good. The firm took a matter that we tried unsuccessfully to manage by ourselves and turned it around. My partner is now an Australian permanent resident and we are so glad we had Kinslor Prince on our side.

— Aaron and Magdalene, Partner Visa, December 2015

I was introduced to David Prince at a stage where my immigration matters had come to a standstill and I had little or no hope of gaining a 457 visa. There were many bumps along the way, which David had foreseen and prepared for. David and Alison were always a call or email away to answer my questions and reassure me all the right steps were taken in the application process. Having that peace of mind and knowing I was in the best hands possible gave me a lot of reassurance.
I cannot thank David and his team enough for literally changing my life. The professionalism and utmost commitment of Kinslor Prince Lawyers has enabled me to enjoy the rewards that come with the grant of a 457 visa. If you’re looking for immigration expertise, professionalism, honesty, an open door policy and attention to detail, then look no further as Kinslor Prince Lawyers are your one stop shop for immigration matters. I would highly recommend this firm to anyone who’s looking for the best representation.

— Erisa Lluca, Skilled Migrant, October 2015

I recommend Kinslor Prince Lawyers because they dealt with my issue professionally and were really helpful. They were understanding, explained every aspect of the matter, and were very quick with communicating any issues with me and helping me understand what was happening. They are highly skilful and I am truly thankful for their expertise and help. I was not only satisfied with their work but also very pleased with their strategy and attention to detail. I will recommend them to every friend and relative.

— Kamel Barakat, Skilled Migrant, May 2015

From my first meeting with David Prince six years ago my wife and I found him to be friendly, charming, and most of all welcoming, with a business-like manner. His professionalism, pleasant manner and legal expertise meant I knew I made the right choice to get a positive outcome for our visa applications. We were completely satisfied with the work and professionalism of David and all the staff at Kinslor Prince Lawyers.

— David Durber, April 2015

Due to the nature and complexity of my skills assessment review case, I almost lost my hope to furthermore move forward, initially. However, after having my meeting with Joanne Kinslor, I decided to take her advice and prepare the appeal as per her instructions. During the course of the appeal preparation, I was deeply impressed by the approach and professionalism presented by her. More importantly, her expertise of properly simplifying a complicated case, led to the final favorable result.

I wish to highly recommend Kinslor Prince Lawyers due to the professional legal and migration service delivered by the firm. I would like to say thank you again for all the efforts and hard work that has been contributed to my case.

— Applicant for Skilled Migration - Skills Assessment Review, January 2015

We highly recommend Joanne Kinslor and her team at Kinslor Prince Lawyers for helping us
achieve a successful outcome to our complex visa application. From the outset
and throughout Joanne and her team showed great professionalism, expertise and were
extremely approachable. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to our case and for a
positive outcome.

— Aisling Gormley, Partner visa, January 2015

I just cannot helping saying thanks to Kinslor Prince Lawyers. Thanks so much for spending efforts and time on my case. Thanks so much for giving me the brand new life in Australia, I will be more positive to treasure my future life here. You are not only a great lawyer, but also great adviser on my brand new life.

— Applicant for partner visa - domestic violence, October 2014

I recommend Kinslor Prince Lawyers because this firm has a high level of service and dedication. When I fell into a problem where my permanent residence was at risk, one of my friends recommended to me this firm. I am happy that I went to this firm. It well understood and studied deeply my case, detailing its each and every aspect so as to get better result. This firm is highly professional. Joanne Kinslor and her team managed the complexity of my case to their expertise and solved my problem in a short time.
I am really thankful to this firm my solving my immigration matter.

— Harvinder Singh, Australian Permanent Resident, June 2014

When it comes to dealing with immigration matters, certainly I would like to recommend Kinslor Prince Lawyers to any person.

There is no lawyer who could have done a better job than Kinslor Prince. I want to thank Mr David Prince and his assistants. They have done such a brilliant job for me. I have achieved a great result. It will make great impacts on my future.

I met with serious challenges to be able to satisfy the character requirements of Australian citizenship. I had explained my issue to the Department by myself and eventually my application was refused. I realised that I needed a lawyer to help me. I sought legal advice from a few well known firms but finally I chose Kinslor Prince Lawyers as my representatives at the Tribunal. Firstly, they are absolutely experts and not just an immigration agent. They are also sophisticated law practitioners in the area of immigration law. They offer very a reasonable price for their excellent services.

— Peter Zhang, Administrative Appeals Tribunal Appeal, April 2014

Joanne Kinslor and staff were very professional, kind and patient with me and my legal situation. I would give them 10 out of 10. I believe I would not have had a positive outcome without their help and persistence. I have already recommended them to several people in similar situation of migrating to this country. They were always honest and were in contact with me regularly to update me on any changes and progress. Thanks to Joanne and staff I am a permanent resident and I am almost positive I wouldn’t be without them.

— Sarah Burns, Skilled Migrant, September 2013

When I contacted Joanne Kinslor from Kinslor Prince Lawyers, it was one of the most desperate moments in my life as I had no idea if someone could help due to how complicated my case was.
Since first contact with Joanne she handled the whole situation which was very delicate with such professionalism that amazed me and gave me comfort as I knew that I had made the right decision and that my case was in very good hands. From the day I contacted Joanne it took only a couple of weeks to get my case sorted and to get my residency granted which I thought would never happen or that it would be another long battle after trying for over 10 years. I am so grateful to have had Joanne handling my case and have no words to say how important all that she has done for me, my case and my life, has been.

— Marcio Thiago, Skilled Migrant, September 2013

I came to Kinslor Prince Lawyers towards the end of the what had been a long PR application process and I wish I came to them sooner.
Immigration can be a difficult area to navigate, however, David Prince attended to my queries in a straightforward manner. He explained issues in terms that I understood and avoided “government” or “legal” jargon.

— Bryony Vandepeear, Skilled Migrant, September 2013

Kinslor Prince Lawyers are true professional and they have a very high level of knowledge about immigration issues. They explained and helped me to understand my case and were honest and efficient. When you are in detention you need someone to take care of you, they did that.

— Ermal Heta, September 2013

I recommend Kinslor Prince Lawyers because they are professional, and very helpful in their expertise. They know what to do step by step in a very helpful and professional way, which gives you confidence.
In my opinion, Kinslor Prince Lawyers is the first choice if you ever come across a situation where you need a lawyer in this area.

— Zhijun Dong (Michelle), Skilled Migrant, July 2013